Updated at 18:12,15-06-2018

Belarus' National Debt Grew by 84.3% in January-July


August 1, 2011, the national debt of Belarus amounted to Br70.63 trillion ($14.12 billion in equivalent). Thus it has increased by 84.3% YTD, including by 1% for July, according to the National Statistics Committee.

During this period, foreign debt in rubles increased by 99.1% (by 0.4% up in July) to Br57.87 trillion ($11.57 billion), domestic - by 37.7% (3.7% for July) to Br12.76 trillion ($2.55 billion), AFN.
In the structure of public debt, the central government debt amounts to Br59.59 trillion ($11.92 billion). In July it increased by 0.7%, while since the beginning of the year - by 95.2%. Debt of business entities, guaranteed by the government, has reached Br11.04 trillion ($2.21 billion), having thus risen up by 41.5% YTD and by 2.2% for July.

As Telegraf previously reported, the index of consumer prices for goods and paid services, according to the National Statistics Committee of Belarus, has reached 103% for August 16-23, 2011 and 106.6% - since the beginning of the month to the average price in July. Thus, inflation in Belarus has exceeded 50% YTD and has amounted to 50.3%.