Updated at 18:18,16-07-2018

Lukashenko ordered to return builders to Belarus


The president of Belarus Alexander Lukashenko while visiting the Central Bus Terminal in Minsk today, instructed the government to solve the problem of the construction personnel shortage as soon as possible, reports BelTA.

"During September, meet at the government and make the detailed specific proposal. It should be enough builders", said the head of state.

In particular, the co-founder and manager of the BNK Holding (was the investor during the construction of the multipurpose complex together with the Cetral Bus Terminal) Abdo Romeo Abdo in the conversation with the president complained, that for the implementation of this and other investment projects sometimes there are not enough builders, and they had to involve them and also from abroad.

Alexander Lukashenko tasked the government to solve this problem as quickly as possible. He noted that it is necessary to build not only housing, but also to send builders to implement the so-called currency projects with foreign investors. "This is what we need right now", said the president.

It should be noted that this is not the first time Lukashenko requires the government to return the "flying builders" to Belarus. Already in June the president ordered to take the most effective measures to prevent the leaving of construction personnel abroad.

"We should say to these "flyers", you cannot name them differently: we cannot forbid you to go building somewhere abroad. You went unorganized to work for other state, you don't bring money in the country. Go, - said Lukashenko. - But first, the family pays 100% for communal facilities, your own medical service - 100%, we do not touch children and family. You don't bear the social load, then pay at least for communal facilities and medical service".

"Then he will think thousand times, to go or not to go, - noted the head of state. - Earned money - come and pay".

Addressing the government members, Lukashenko instructed: "Execute immediately - from the second half-year. Education we don't touch". "We're staying here, paying taxes, maintaining this medical service and communal facilities. We need to see (in other areas, BelTA). We do not ban - go, but pay here", added Lukashenko.