Updated at 18:18,16-07-2018

Rate goes into the sky


Insiders report that the dollar rate at the extra session is set at 8600 rubles. The same information is confirmed by private banks.

Euro is set at 12100 rubles.

The Russian ruble is set at 305 rubles. The rate against the dollar was overvalued, but this disproportion is explained by the first day of the additional session. The mechanism is still under development.

At the same time, the overvalued ruble may indicate that the dollar may still slightly grow in coming days.

The first banks started to set market rates in their exchange offices.

BelSwissBank set the following rates of buying and selling currencies:

Dollars are sold at 8700 rubles. Buy - 8200.

Euro - 11200/12000 rubles.

Russian ruble - 268/287 rubles, reports Nasha Niva.

The National Bank is satisfied with the past on September 14 trades at the first additional session of the Belarusian Currency and Stock Exchange, said Taras Nadolny the deputy chairman of the National Bank.

He pointed out that many sellers have chosen a waiting attitude, so a demand was small: less than 5% of the daily export earnings. According to rough estimates, this is about $ 8 million. Demand has exceeded supply "several times", and for some currencies - five times.

"The rate is at the upper limit and with an increase in supply will be reduced", quoted Nadolny BelaPAN. According to him, the National Bank didn't conduct FX currency interventions.