Updated at 17:11,20-07-2018

After Lukashenka's words about stability Belarusian ruble dropped by 900 points


Dollar exchange rate has shown a record growth of all time at the additional session of the Belarusian Currency and Stock Exchange - today it was established at the level of Br8710.

The initial demand exceeded supply by $57 million. At this time the National Bank, according to the market participants, held an intervention selling a currency of about $22 million.

Belarusian ruble weakened against the dollar by Br490, or 6%. The official dollar rate set by the National Bank on 13 October was Br5765. Thus, the difference between the official and market rates is more than 51%.

We remind, at the first extra session held on September 14 at BCSE the dollar was Br8600.

Euro fx rate at October 12 trades increased by Br580 up to Br12010, the Russian ruble rate amounted to Br276 (increased by Br12).

On Friday during a meeting with Russian journalists President of Belarus Alexander Lukashenka says, that there were troubles in the republic, but now the situation is stabilized.

But already in that day the ruble against the dollar decreased by 110 points. On Monday the dollar trading at the BCSE was not conducted, but on Tuesday the national currency continued its falling, dropped by 300 points. And today its next fall was registered.

A week ago, on October 5 Wednesday, the Belarusian ruble rate at the extra session was becoming stronger, stopped at the level of 7610. For a week the Belarusian ruble fell by 1100 points.