Updated at 17:11,20-07-2018

Belarus Government Has No Intention to Artificially Lower Prices of Medicines


Prime Minister of Belarus Mikhail Miasnikovich says that the government has no plans to make any target payments to reduce the price of medicines.

However, the Government will take into account the increase in drug prices in the overall consumer basket in the implementation of income-improving policies.

"Targeted social support is going to be increased for all citizens in need of medication due to certain diseases," BelTA quoted Mikhail Miasnikovich.

According to official statistics, drug consumption increased by more than 8% in Belarus in 2011 in comparison with the previous year. The share of Belarus' produced drugs in the domestic market is around 22% in value terms. The Government is going to considerably increase this figure.

On October 20, a single session instead of the previous basic and additional ones started operating on the Belarusian Currency and Stock Exchange. The dollar was fixed at 51.96% above the previous official exchange rate on the first day of a single session. This couldn't but reflected the prices of foreign medicines which, purchased by importers at the rate of National Bank.

Deputy Prime Minister of Belarus Anatoli Tozik promised on October 21 to avoid sharp price increase of the Belarusian and imported drugs. However, the prices will any way go up, otherwise, according to the vice-premier of Belarus, there won't be medication in Belarus at all.