Updated at 18:18,16-07-2018

Belarus’ Subsistence Wage to be $68


October 28, Council of Ministers of Belarus passed a resolution № 1450, thus increasing the size of the minimum subsistence budget (MSB) by 29.9% to Br574.79 ($68.02).

The new standard is valid from November 1 to January 31. This was reported in the Ministry of Labor and Social Protection. In August-October BPM was equal to Br442.36.

For the able-bodied citizens BPM equals Br621.83 thousand, for pensioners - Br463.57, for children under the age of three - Br451.4 thousand, up to six years old - Br564.54 thousand, up to 18 - Br619.6 thousand, for children-students - Br541.73, BelTA informs.

Child Allowances and Social Pensions Rising

Together with BPM, state allowances for families with children will grow by 29.9%. Social pensions, allowances and surcharges to pensions for certain categories of pensioners will also be raised.

Subsistence wage is formed on the basis of prices in September. It includes expenditure on food (58.4%), clothing and footwear (17.1%), charges for housing and communal services (9%), spending on household goods (4.5%), transportation services (4.6%), fees and fares (4.1%), as well as basic necessities, sanitation and medicine (2.3%).

The subsistence wage used to be Br343.26 thousand ($114.15) from May 1 to July 31.