Updated at 17:11,20-07-2018

Lukashenko Ordered Miasnikovich to Watch FX Market


Prime Minister of Belarus should maintain the stability of both the monetary and consumer markets in the country. This was stated by President Alexander Lukashenko during the prime minister's report on November 1.

In addition, Mikhail Miasnikovich should be more proactive to attract investors in the commodity business, noted in the president's administration.

The priority is to find an investor for the development of Petrikov deposits of potassium salts. According to Alexander Lukashenko, the search should take no more than a month. In late November, Mikhail Miasnikovich will report to the president on the best investor and will submit a draft decree.

At the moment this field attracts six companies from China, Ukraine and Kazakhstan. The President instructed to deal on the most favorable terms.

In addition, the President noted that the government failed to work fundamentally with local authorities on investing in agricultural development.

Alexander Lukashenko ordered to upgrade all livestock farms mainly at the expense of farms and regions, as well as to direct government support to increase volumes. Mikhail Miasnikovich promised to make the necessary changes in the investment program.

Miasnikovich Promises to Fulfill Plan for Housing Construction

In addition, the Prime Minister informed Alexander Lukashenko that about 6 million square meters of the planned housing would be put into operation by the end of the year. The Council of Ministers will employ the necessary loans for this purpose, said Mikhail Miasnikovich.

Belarusian government decided to organize a new body to find investors, which is going to be Department of the pharmaceutical industry. It must attract investment for the development of the pharmaceutical industry, as well as ensure the product quality, enhance its competitiveness and export potential.

November 1, after the BCSE trading session, the dollar rate rose by Br80 (0.95) to Br8.530. Meanwhile, the euro fell by Br70 (0.59%) to Br11.780 and the Russian ruble – by Br3 (1.07%) to Br278.