Updated at 17:11,20-07-2018

Lukashenko Not Ready for Single Currency within CES


November 4, President of Belarus Alexander Lukashenko said that he's not yet ready for introduction of single currency within the Common Economic Space. The president does not exclude such a possibility in the future, when equal opportunities for all participants are guaranteed.

"We must be convinced that it will neither cause loss of political sovereignty nor smear our republic. We as well as our partners are interested in it," said Alexander Lukashenko speculating on the euro zone.

"Well, we seem to have discussed everything: a high level of development, single currency - and what have we come up to? They say that it's not so important if Greece leaves the euro zone, as the key target is to keep the euro. This has been recently stated by a famous German director. It's an incorrect statement, humiliating their partners," BelTA quoted the President.

"I've reiterated that we don't need CES without the level playing field. We are going to join them not to get something cheaper. No, we need equal conditions. If something is cheap there, so it's going to be cheap here as well and visa versa," said the President.

Lukashenko: Belarus Agreed with Russia on Gas

Alexander Lukashenko also informed that Minsk and Moscow had successfully coped talks over the terms of natural gas supply. Negotiations on oil supply, according to the Belarusian leader, are still in the process, but approaching their final stage. The Belarusian leader insists on equal conditions within the CES, including the pricing issue.

"We must have a level playing field. The draft agreement is 100% close to signing. I have been told we're aligning natural gas terms. We've agreed," said Alexander Lukashenko.

Russian Prime Minister Vladimir Putin suggested creating the Eurasian Union on the basis of the Common Economic Space of Belarus, Kazakhstan and Russia. Putin does not rule out the possibility of single currency within the Eurasian Union. Alexander Lukashenko supported the idea, requiring, however, a level playing field for all participants.