Updated at 11:59,21-05-2018

Dollar Rate Rose by Br90 in Belarus


As a result of the BCSE trading session on November 9, the dollar rate rose by Br90 (1.03%) to Br8.790, while the euro – by Br150 (1.25%) to Br12.110 and the Russian ruble – by Br7 (2.46%) to Br292.

As a result, since the beginning of the year, the ruble against the dollar has depreciated by 193%, Russian ruble - 196.63%, EUR - 204.84%.

The ruble rate declined by 198.12% against a basket of currencies.

The Ministry of Economy of Belarus predicts the dollar rate growth up to Br22 in 2012. According to Deputy Minister of Economy Alexander Yaroshenko, this will happen provided for high levels of emission loaning of the economy next year.