Updated at 17:11,20-07-2018

Chaly: In the government of Belarus contradictions have sharpened


"Today's critic is a reaction to the sharpened contradictions between industry lobbyists and those in the government and National Bank, who is responsible for an economic stability", the expert Sergey Chaly commented in the interview to UDF.BY on causes of today's blowing up of ministers by President Aleksandr Lukashenka.

Head of State has called the team of Mikhail Myasnikovich as too market one, and said the previous government ruled by Sergey Sidorsky worked more effective.

"On November 8 this contradiction leaked out of the controversy between Myasnikovich and Tkachev. What we have heard today, it's Lukashenka who defends his economic assistant. Literally, from mid-September adequate plans to resolve the crisis appeared in the government, which were supported by majority of experts.

The situation consists of the government, which understands that at such a low level of gold and currency reserves, high inflation and low external demand, the All-Belarus People's Assembly plans are unworkable and dangerous for the economy, and there are those who say: "It's nonsense, we'll ensure everything!"
, Sergey Chaly said. "I don't think Myasnikovich will resign. He is one of the most respected officials in the country and he knew what awaited him as prime minister. I don't think, that now there is a real substitute for him, or even those who want to replace him at the barricades".

Everything now depends on Lukashenka. Everything is clear to IMF, and the government, and the National Bank, and independent experts. Only one person understands nothing and he makes decisions.