Updated at 16:11,16-01-2019

Debts of Belarusian Enterprises Exceeded Br100 Trillion


Account payable of Belarusian enterprises 1.7-fold increased in January-September 2011. Only in September the company's debts rose by 6.1% and exceeded Br100.3 trillion on October 1.

Compared to the same period last year, accounts payable of enterprises grew in 1.8 times with 1.8-fold growth in consumer prices for the period.

According to the National Statistics Committee of Belarus, the outstanding accounts payable amounted to Br9.6 trillion, or 9.6% of the total amount payable on October 1 (previous year - 11.3%). Compared to the same period last year, overdue payables rose in 1.5 times, and 10.9% - only in September.

Industrial enterprises of the country turned out to be most indebted (debt of Br19.9 trillion, including Br2.4 trillion in arrears). Most of them are located in Minsk voblast.

October 1, industry organizations accounted for 37.7% of accounts receivable, while the trading enterprises, as well as organizations for car repairs, household and personal goods - 19.4% of the debt, agriculture - 16.2%, construction - 8.5%, organizations of Real estate and renting - 7.4%, transport - 7.1%.

Year-end accounts receivable increased in 1.6 times (including for September - by 2.6% up) and amounted to Br81.1 trillion on October 1. 12.4% (Br10 trillion) of accounts receivable appeared to be overdue on October 1. At the same time last year overdue receivables made 14.8% of the total. It grew by 35.7% YTD, including in September - by 2.2%.

The majority (47.2%) of total receivables accounted for the industrial organizations. Accounts receivable of trade organizations, as well as those for repair vehicles, household and personal goods made 23.3% of the total, while construction - 8.7%, Real estate and renting - 8.2%, transport - 4.6%, agriculture – 3.9%.

In Belarus, 7.3% of enterprises operating at a loss

In January-September 2011, 639 Belarusian companies (7.3% of the total) were found to be unprofitable. The amount of net loss amounted to Br1.9 trillion for the period. Thus, the net loss of businesses doubled against the same period last year.

Experts from the International Monetary Fund suggest that the gross external debt of Belarus in 2011 would rise up to 68.3% of GDP against 52.1% of GDP in 2010. According to their estimates, the 2012 gross external debt will reach 72.5% of GDP, while in 2016 - 85.6% of GDP, stated the IMF report, following discussions over state program monitoring, conducted in June 2011.