Updated at 18:18,16-07-2018

Lukashenko Against "Shock Therapy"


Today Belarus should oppose "shock therapy," to prevent the developments of the 90s of the previous century. This was stated on November 22 by President of Belarus Alexander Lukashenko at the meeting on proposals of the Council of Ministers and the National Bank on the draft forecast, budget, monetary and credit policy for 2012.

"It is not permissible today to suggest that "shock therapy" we and our neighbors burnt our fingers in the 90s. One can't step on the same rake even though this policy was excusable to some extent then as it was under the influence of various Western foundations and experts, who trusted the chosen direction, being unaware of its real consequences. Now the West has got in the same situation and is now considering how to curb the elements of the market", AFN quoted the politician.

"The government has become too much engaged in the market reforms and is trying, I think, through misunderstanding, to change the policy and program goals, adopted at the last All-Belarus People's Assembly. The policy has been carried out correctly, and we’ll further persist in this way. The main criteria of this policy are defined through suffering and struggling, and no one is allowed to step aside of this policy," the president added.

"Our economic potential and current conditions won’t let reckless experiments, negatively affecting the welfare of the population. The policy of our State has always been serving the people, and no one may deviate from this principle," he said.

Alexander Lukashenko also said that after his last conversation with the Council of Ministers there had been "thoroughly reviewed the documents, submitted for consideration." "Today a deep analysis of the situation is needed to make real plans," the politician said.

Lukashenko: We'll fail to execute the forecast for 2011

He acknowledged that there’s no opportunity to meet the forecast of economic indicators for 2011. "There are a lot of problems either in the industry, or in the agriculture, or in housing construction and modernization of production. The worst of all is the deterioration of our people’s welfare caused by inflation," the president said.

"The situation in the banking sector also fails to contribute to the execution of the current year plan. Discarding the current practice of regulating prices and other economic developments, we have obtained negative results and serious problems, for solution of which we should employ extra efforts and resources," the politician said.

Lukashenko: Ministers make themselves scared

In addition, Alexander Lukashenko drew attention to the work of the Council of Ministers. According to him, the government is unreasonably inflating the level of negative phenomena in the economy.

"I’m unpleasantly surprised by the lack of coordination in the actions of the government, as well as by different "horror stories" in the media, they are scared themselves. It all negatively affects the state of society. So you’d better think before speaking. Don’t forget about the political aspects of economic actions and statements," he urged the government.