Updated at 17:25,07-01-2021

Leonid Zaika: Cheap gas is a drug


"One cannot call it a gift. I've predicted the sum of $150 3-4 month ago", Leonid Zaika, the head of the analytical center "Strategy" said in an interview with UDF.BY.

In this way the expert commented on information appeared in the Russian newspaper "Vedomosti", that in 2012 the price of Russian gas for Belarus can amount to slightly more than 150 dollars per thousand cubic meters.

"As "Vedomosti" has learnt, in 2012 Russian gas can become almost twice cheaper for neighbors, and in 2013 it will be linked to the internal Russian price", the newspaper writes.

The cost of raw materials will be calculated by a formula that takes into account a price in one region of Russia. All this is planned to be signed at the level of intergovernmental agreements and contracts with Gazprom, two officials in the government of Russia and Gazprom, who are familiar with negotiations, told "Vedomosti".

"The thing is that Gazprom monopolistically sets the high prices, - Leonid Zaika explains the situation. - It has big deliveries to Europe, so, in terms of total income, it won't lose anything. After signing all documents on the Eurasian Union, it couldn't be different. 150 dollars is not such a low price, if to remember that we bought gas at 17 and at 28 dollars. Therefore, there is nothing unusual.

The second point. Gazprom has established trust relationship with the Belarusian president. And during the last visit of Miller, Gazprom was invited to participate in privatization of Belarusian property in any sector. So, here also Gazprom will overtake, buying cheap Belarusian enterprises, and afterwards by their market capitalization and resale. So let's not worry for Gazprom. Cheap gas is a drug.

I don't think, that electricity prices will be decreased. Although, I think they might be reduced. The same applies to public utilities. If not to reduce, then, at least, their growth have to be stopped. So, it should be advantageous for Belarusians".