Updated at 18:18,16-07-2018

Belarus's Debt for Russian Natural Gas Keeps on Rising


According to the National Statistics Committee of Belarus, the country's outstanding debt for Russian gas supplied in the III quarter of 2011, is still growing.

Thus, by November 1, it has reached $165.2 million (September 1, the debt amounted to $52.4 million, while on October 1 - $106.7 million).

According to the quarterly report of the Russian company Gazprom, in the III quarter of 2011, gas deliveries to Belarus amounted to 4.23 billion cubic meters (5.7% less than in the III quarter of 2010). Thus, the amount of underpayment made up $32.2 thousand per thousand cubic meters, or $136.2 million for the III quarter as a whole.

November 25, in Moscow, Belarus and Russia signed a new contract on Russian gas supplies to Belarus and the transit of "blue fuel" through the territory of Belarus for 2012-2014. According to the reached agreement, the average gas price for Belarus would be $165.6 per thousand cubic meters in 2012.

Along with the new gas contract, Belarus sold the the remaining stake of Beltransgaz to the Russian gas monopoly Gazprom for $2.5 billion. Thus, Gazprom will own 100% of Beltransgaz.