Updated at 18:18,16-07-2018

Record-Breaking Decrease Of Belarusian Export


The first nine months of 2009 saw a 43.3-percent year-on-year drop in Belarus' exports, said the National Statistics Committee.

The country exported $15,009.1 million worth of goods and services during the period, the Committee said. Belarus' imports reportedly fell by 34.8 percent year-on-year to $20,030.4 million.

The country's exports to Russia dropped by 44.8 percent to $4,729 million. The nation's imports from Russia decreased by 38.6 percent to $11,748.9 million.

Belarus exported $2,618 million worth of products to the Netherlands in the first nine months of the year, or 39.5 percent less than in the same period of 2008. Imports from that country decreased by 40.8 percent to $162.4 million.

Belarus' exports to Ukraine decreased by 50.5 percent to $1,174.6 million. Imports from Ukraine decreased by 45.9 percent to $895.4 million.

Belarus' exports to Germany dropped by 0.4 percent to $634.3 million, while imports from that country decreased by 24 percent to $1,534.4 million.

Exports to Latvia dropped by 34.8 percent to $1,140.2 million; to the United Kingdom by 50 percent to $570.8 million; to Poland by 60.9 percent to $603 million; to Lithuania by 51.2 percent to $242.7 million; to China by 59.4 percent to $128.9 million; and to the United States by 76.2 percent to $29.2 million.
Exports to India increased by 90 percent to $405.7 million.

Belarus' imports from China decreased by 24.7 percent to $751.5 million; from Poland by 35.8 percent to $546.2 million; from Lithuania by 15.6 percent to $138 million; from Latvia by 18.2 percent to $87.1 million; from the United Kingdom by 15.8 percent to $162.3 million; from India by eight percent to $78.1 million; and from the United States by 12.6 percent to $319.4 million.

According to the National Statistics Committee, Belarus traded with 176 countries in the first nine months, exporting goods to 135 countries and importing them from 167.

The nation's major trading partners were: Russia, which accounted for 47 percent of Belarus' total foreign trade, the Netherlands with 7.9 percent, Germany with 6.2 percent, Ukraine with 5.9 percent, Latvia with 3.5 percent, Poland with 3.3 percent, China with 2.5 percent, the United Kingdom with 2.1 percent, Italy with 1.7 percent and Brazil with 1.4 percent.