Updated at 11:59,21-05-2018

Barrier For Food Import To Belarus


The decree of Alyaksandr Lukashenka increases customs duties on a range of food products and raw materials.

In accordance with Decree #542, temporary duties are imposed for nine months since November 15. The duty rate on milk whey, cheese and curd is increased from 15% to 30%, "Yezhednevnik" reports.

The most serious defence was set by Lukashenka against import of potato, onion, white cabbage, carrots, and red beets. The duty rate on import of these products comprises 180% products cost since November 15. To compare: customs duties on potato were 5–15% of the customs cost, on onion, cabbage, and beets – 15% of the customs value.

The duty rate was doubled (from 10 to 20%) on import of spelt and soft wheat flour, cereals, and household spelt and soft wheat flour, flaked grain. Duties on potato flakes and pellets increased from 10 to 40%.

Duties on potato starch grew from 20 to 100%.

Duties on sugar confectionery, including white chocolate, were doubled (from 20 to 40%). Customs taxes on imported pasta rose from 15 to 30% , duties on citric acid increased threefold.

Tomatoes and cucumbers have the least affect. Duties on them are imposed for a month, though they increased from 15 to 50%.