Updated at 20:51,24-11-2020

Tatiana Manyonok: There will be no oil war with Russia


"We shouldn't consider the issue of raising the tariff rates for transportation of Russian oil through Belarus as the beginning of some kind of "oil war", this opinion was expressed in an interview with UDF.BY by Tatiana Manyonok, the analyst of business weekly "Belarusians and Market".

That's how the expert has commented on the information appeared in the media, that Belarus and Russia discuss the issue of raising the tariff rate for transporting Russian oil through its territory by 20% at once.

"Recently in Belarus the tariff rate for transportation has been regularly reviewed. It is normal international practice. The cost of energy for our country has significantly increased, which affects the cost of pumping Russian "black gold".

"By the way, Belarus transits about a third of Russian oil export volume of about 60 million tons, which determines serious costs and expenses", Tatiana Manyonok said.

The expert reminds that before February 1, 2012 the Belarusian side has the transit contract with Russians.

"It is quite logical, that upon expiration of this period our government put the question of revising the cost of transit. This is a technical issue, caused by sharp increases in energy costs for our country, which has occurred in recent years", Manyonok said.

Therefore, according to her "there is no reason for conflict and, moreover, for "the oil war".

"Russia and Belarus have agreed on the terms of oil supplies and have found an approach that suits both parties. Our prime minister even said, that Belarus would receive about $700 million from new, more favorable conditions. We have no reason to start a conflict. I think, a compromise approach will be found, and the rate will be raised less than 20%", said the analyst of "Belarusians and Market".