Updated at 17:11,20-07-2018

USA Extends Partial Suspension Of Sanctions Against Two Belarusian Companies


The US Treasury Department has extended until May 31, 2010 a partial suspension of its sanctions against AAT Lakafarba, a paint and varnish company in Lida, and AAT Polatsk-Shklovalakno, a glass fiber manufacturer in Polatsk.

According to the Department, all transactions between US persons and the two Belarusian companies are authorized until May 31, 2010, while all property and interests in property of Lakafarba and Polatsk-Shklovalakno that were previously blocked remain blocked.

In November 2007, the Treasury Department imposed sanctions on Belarus’ petrochemical conglomerate, Belnaftakhim, over alleged human rights violations by the Belarusian government. It added Belnaftakhim to its list of Specially Designated Nationals and Blocked Persons, which led to freezing any assets found in the USA that belonged to Belnaftakhim and barring US citizens from doing business with Belnaftakhim and its subsidiaries and offices.

The Treasury Department later decided to partly suspend its sanctions against two Belnaftakhim companies, Lakafarba and Polatsk-Shklovalakno, until June 1, 2009 and then until November 30, 2009.