Updated at 19:56,22-01-2021

Belarus is leader in price growth in CIS and Europe


Belarus remains the leader among the CIS countries and Europe in the growth of consumer prices in February 2012.

According to the National Statistical Committee, inflation in Belarus was 1.5% in February compared to January 2011. Norway with 1% ranks second, followed by Bulgaria and Ireland - 0.9%.

According to the National Statistics Committee, inflation was 0.8% in Hungary in February (compared to January 2012), while in Germany - 0.7%, Turkey and Finland - 0.6%, in Italy, Kazakhstan, Lithuania, Poland, Russia and Estonia - 0.4%, in Slovakia, Ukraine, Czech Republic - 0.2%, in Spain and Latvia - 0.1%.

In February, Belarus occupied the sixth place (1.2%) in the growth of the price index for food and soft drinks. The country was outstripped by Turkey - 2.1%, Hungary - 1.9%, Norway - 1.8%, Bulgaria - 1.6% and Finland - 1.4%.

Belarusian government hopes to keep inflation within 19-22% in 2012, or even at the level of 15-16%, said Deputy Prime Minister Sergei Rumas.