Updated at 18:12,15-06-2018

"Verslo zinios": Belarusian Authorities Wear a Double Face Inviting Investors


Beautiful words: "Come to us, make investments, and we will help you and make things simpler for you", have a different meaning "Come to us, make investments, take your share and be off".

"Tranzito terminalas" closed company which had been working in Belarus for 6 years and created a successful business, had a first-hand experience of that, "Verslo zinios" writes.

In 2003 this enterprise decided to expand its market and start a business in Belarus. As the market is empty, the administrative basis is good and almost no competitors in Belarus, one could work and earn money without trouble, they thought. But it is no coincidence the market is empty.

But Lithuanians were joyous over success just a short while. An analogous Belarusian company which occupied 80% of the market, worked using 30% of facilities. That is why Lithuanians who worked "too good, caused too many problems".

There were appeals heard to sell a part of the Lithuanian company and go away, as representatives of the state-run enterprise had to explain the reason of their low rates. However, Lithuanians refused to do that. And than the whole story started: their licence was limited, rental period was not extended and so on.

However "Tranzito terminalas" is not going to cede. The direction addressed Lithuanian Embassy in Belarus, high-ranking officials of Lithuania and Belarus, and they hope that the situation would be changed.