Updated at 01:25,03-03-2021

Lukashenka once again promises Belarusians a salary of $500


President of Belarus Alexander Lukashenko set the task to bring wages in Belarus by the end of 2012 to the level of $500. He said this on May 3, meeting the Chairperson of the Federation of Trade Unions of Belarus Leonid Kozik, BelTA reports citing the presidential press service.

"For example, I come to the conclusion that we have some managers who began to hide behind the President's statement: there is labor productivity - there are wages, no productivity - no salary. All this is correct, but what follows next is that we need to increase productivity and enterprises' chairmen need to rest against, and very much in order to increase productivity, as well as to raise wages", Lukashenka said, adding that "we still need to go on the level of $500 by the end of the year".

President proposed in connection with it to "press on" enterprises' chairmen.

"But so many shrug: Well, then, there is no labor productivity, the president said, there is no salary. So why this manager is at work?", news agency quotes the president.

We remind, to talk about reaching pre-crisis level of salaries the Belarusian authorities began in the end of 2011 crisis year and in early 2012. Thus, in late January, parliament speaker Vladimir Andreichenko said that in 2012 incomes must be at least of the end of 2010. The theme of raising salaries was recently touched by President Lukashenko, while visiting on April 30 Volkovysk area. But then he talked about the salary of $550 in 2013. However, independent experts have warned the authorities of the sharp rise in wages, offering to build on the real opportunities of the economy and raise incomes through external borrowings.