Updated at 17:19,07-01-2021

State Control Committee “dispossessed“ exporters


From September 2011 to May 2012 the State Control Committee conducted verification activities in respect of 69 companies exporting goods produced in Belarus. It detected the violation of the presidential decree's requirements "On the Procedure for Conduct and Control of Foreign Trades".

The amount of fines imposed amounted to 13.2 billion Belarusian rubles, 370 thousand Russian rubles, 7.3 thousand euros, of which 5.5 billion rubles, 240 thousand. Russian rubles and 3.6 thousand euros were received.

In addition, as the press service of the State Control Committee informs, 48 officials were brought to administrative responsibility in the form of fines totaling 11.8 million rubles.

In the course of investigations conducted by financial officers on verification activities, directors of some enterprises have been taken further steps to return foreign exchange earnings, as a result on the accounts of 21 companies was provided the external flow of overdue accounts receivable in the amount of 14 billion rubles, 10.9 million Russian rubles, 482 th4ousand euros, 253 thousand U.S. dollars and 31.2 thousand hryvnia.