Updated at 01:25,03-03-2021

Belarus is champion in inflation rate


In June, 2012, Belarus had the highest inflation rate among European and post-Soviet nations, reported the National Statistical Committee (Belstat).

Belarus also had the highest increase in consumer prices in Europe and the post-Soviet region in each of the first six months of the year except January, when it had the second highest inflation after Hungary.

Consumer prices reportedly rose by 1.8 percent in Belarus against 0.9 percent in Russia, 0.3 percent in Kazakhstan, 0.2 percent in the Czech Republic, Poland and Italy, and 0.1 percent in Hungary, Finland and Estonia in June.

Vice versa, consumer prices fell by one percent in Bulgaria, 0.9 percent in Turkey, 0.3 percent in Ukraine, 0.2 percent in Ireland and Spain, and 0.1 percent in Germany, Latvia and Lithuania.

Consumer prices soared by 108.7 percent in Belarus last year. The government initially projected inflation to slow down to 19 to 22 percent in 2012, but Aliaksandr Lukashenka directed in February that the government should revise its inflation projection for the year downward to 13 to 15 percent.