Updated at 17:11,20-07-2018

Belarusian Company Refuse to Build Olympic Stadium in Sochi


Triple company found it unprofitable to take part in building Olympic objects.

As the Russian newspaper "Vedomiosti" writes, Belarusians were to build a 20,000-capacity biathlon complex at a square of 40 hectares. The project was initially estimated at about 257 million rubles. Alyaksandr Lukashenka initiated Belarus’s participation in the project in 2006. He said he would like to create a "small part of Belarus" in Sochi.

According to the paper, Triple, a company close to the Belarusian government, refused to take part in the project for political motives. A reason for the demarche was Moscow’s refusal to allow discounts on oil export duties. Earlier, the whole volume of oil supplies was duty-free, but now Russia wants to sell only a part of oil with discounts.

The increase in duties affects business of Triple company, dealing with bulk oil supplies to the Belarusian refineries. The decision of Moscow to withdraw most of purchasing discounts decreases the company’s profits.

After Triple left the project, responsibility for the biathlon complex constricting was given to Gazprom, which also backs building of a 16,000-capacity ski complex. This variant of solving the problem has already been agreed with the International Olympic Committee.