Updated at 14:52,24-02-2021

500 North Koreans to work at Minsk constructions sites, 30 arrive next week

Nasha Niva

The deficit of builders in Minsk is compensated by attracting students and workers from other Belarus’ regions. These actions are done within a special programmed which have proved itself to be rather efficient, Misnk News says.

As of first nine months of 2012 around 2,000 builders arrived at Minsk’s constructions sites.

Director of construction enterprise Minskbud Mikalaj Milasheuski informed that Minsk construction branch is a busy one and still suffers from last year’s resignations of ca. 3,000 builders.

Minskbud is now the employer of 17.2 thousand builders.

Mikalaj Milasheuski also mentioned that Minskbud is now at final stage of concluding a contract with North Korea to bring North Korean builders to Minsk. First 30 of them are to arrive in Minsk this week.

The estimated number of North Korean workers may reach 500 persons.