Updated at 22:06,23-05-2018

Leanid Zaika, economist: Forget about privatization. The authorities are dividing the property


The division of public property is taking place in Belarus. The head of the analytical center "Strategia" Leanid Zaika stated that, when commenting on the allocation of another tranche of the Eurasian Economic Communitys loan. Special for UDF.BY

- Minsk received another tranche of the loan provided by the anti-crisis fund of the Eurasian Economic Community in the amount of $440 million in two month after the decision had been taken on the allocation of the funds. Why so late?

- This is the monetary world there is nothing surprising in that. It was the end of the year, it was necessary to make the payments scheduled for the Eurasian Economic Communitys budget. The money is mostly Russian. In Russia one can easily cross January out of life. And Belarus does not need the money

- How come it does not need it? Look how industriously Lukashenka is looking for where to get another penny

- Last year the interest payments in the loans only accounted for $900 million. It is the money thrown away. Do we need money? We threw away 900 million, and now we received an amount twice less and we are glad. Why are we glad?

This year we will have to spend around a billion more on interest payments. If I had been the head of public investigations, I would have started to look not into Ivatsevichdreu, but on the upper levels billions are there. So what if a low-level official Sidarau stole a million dollars. All the money is on top.

Look, they bought an old plane for the ruler for 100 million dollars. They could have bought three planes on those loans: one for the president, another one for the Prime Minister, and the third one for me and you. Can we call the head of the National Bank and the Prime Minister Miasnikovich thoughtful owners after that?..

- Is this connected to following the obligations that Minsk has in the area of privatization? Several days ago the State Committee for Property claimed that the issue is being considered about the sale of minor holding packages of Belaruskali and Naftan.

- Forget the word privatization! This is directly linked to the division of public Belarusian property. Belarus is the only country in the world, where 70% of all the property is public, still undivided. So the top-leadership are dividing it. This property attracts imperialists of all kinds: Russians, Germans, Jews and everyone else.

Berezovski is suing the Russian nomenclature as represented by Abramovich for some 2-3 billion dollars. And here we are facing the division of 130 billion of the public property.

The main issue of revolution in any country is the issue of property. If they tell you something different they lie.