Updated at 11:25,18-04-2018

Did Chavez lend $2.8bn to Lukashenka?


Oil supplies from Venezuela to Belarus are said to have not been paid.

The statement is made by economist Yaraslau Ramanchuk with a link to "the people who saw the documents".

"The people who saw the documents confirm this information. The debt is not registered. At least, it wasn't documented as a government debt. A $3bn external debt is one thing, but the debt of $5.8 billion, which is twice as large, is something else,"
Yaraslau Ramanchuk said to UDF.BY.

Minsk's $2.8bn debt to Venezuela for oil supplies that is not confirmed officially is "the link in a chain that explains many things", economist Yaraslau Ramanchuk is sure.

"The situation resembles the solvent affair. It's possible that Chavez took Lukashenka's word for it and gave him oil. But the very fact of absence of payment is important: it is really a good deal if you don't pay for oil," Romanchuk notes ironically.