Updated at 11:59,19-05-2018

Petrochemical branch shaking with corruption scandals


Following the detention of Belneftekhims deputy director come arrests at Belshina.

The Investigatory Committee has instigated several legal proceedings against the officials of the largest Belarusian tire producers and the businessmen, affiliated to them, among which there is even a director of a Russian company. The damage caused has already surpassed a billion roubles, Ezhednevnik reports.

In the process of consolidation of actions two criminal cases remained, one of which is investigated by Babrujsk inter-district department, and the other one by the central office of the Investigatory Committee.

In the first case the main suspect is the head of the metal supply bureau of Belshina public corporation, who is charged with committing a crime of violating the part 3 of the article 426 of the Criminal Code of Belarus (power abuse). According to law enforcers, the enterprises official in collusion with unidentified persons carried out a number of dubious operations with scrap metal in March-November 2012, which caused damage to the enterprise in the amount of over 465 million roubles.

The main suspect in the second criminal case is a former deputy head of the logistics department of Belshina public corporation. He is charged with committing the crime of violating the part 4 of the article 2010 of the Criminal Code of Belarus (embezzlement by the means of power abuse by an organized group or especially large). According to the Chief Department for Fighting Economic Crimes of the Ministry of Internal Affairs, the suspect in collusion with two businessmen, who have agreements with Belshina, embezzled the enterprises assets in the total amount of over 514 million roubles. It is curious that the arrested businessmen turned out to be involved in other embezzlement schemes at Belarusian enterprises.