Updated at 17:11,20-07-2018

Small businessmen forum: Market vendors won't work starting December 1


More than 400 small businessmen from all over Belarus adopted a harsh resolution.

It was their response to Piotr Prakapovich's statement, who said that market vendors wouldn't be allowed to sell goods without supplementary documents starting December 1.

Charter97.org learnt it from Anatoly Shumchanka, the head of the public organisation Perspective.

"We've held a forum today. More than 400 people attended it. The hall was full of anxious people. An official from the Ministry of Trade appeared in the middle of the meeting to answer our questions. We adopted a resolution and decided to hold another forum on November 25. All people present said they wouldn't work under the proposed conditions starting December 1," one of the leaders of the small businessmen movement said.

Anatoly Shumchanka emphasised that people wouldn't work and pay taxes and other duties.

"It is Prakapovich who is responsible for it. He is leading the country to another crisis. If his statements are adopted by the government, market vendors will not work starting December 1. We also decided that small businessmen wouldn't pay any duties until the situation became clear. We are going to apply to the Eurasian Economic Court to cancel the technical regulations," the Perspective leader noted.

We remind that small businessmen held the forum "Customs Union's Technical Regulations. Belarusian Issue". The meeting was devoted to the problems of the Customs Union's technical regulations on safety of light industry products.

The event was carried out following the statement on Belarusian deputy prime minister Piotr Prakapovich, who said on October 31 that starting December 1 market vendors would be prohibited to sell goods without the documents confirming their quality and safety in accordance with the Customs Union's technical regulations on safety of light industry products.