Updated at 20:11,29-10-2020

Minsk average wage reached $772 in October


Head of the labour and social protection department of Minsk City Executive Committee Zhanna Ramanovich has reported it.

The nominal average wage in Minsk totalled 6 million 509 thousand roubles in January-October 2013. It was 7 million 114 thousand roubles in October which totals 772 dollars, BELTA reports.

The average wage is 4 million 632 thousands in the sphere of public catering and over 10 millions – in the financial sphere, the committee chairperson noted.

The average monthly wage was 4.6 million in budget organizations. It totalled Br4.9 million in October.

About 15% of organizations pay their employees up to 3.5 million roubles which is 50% less than the average wage in Minsk. Most of them are budget sphere organizations.