Updated at 21:48,17-09-2020

Russia to pay Belarus for air base use


Belarus and Russia will set the fee for use of the Belarusian air base near Baranavichy together.

This was stated by Russian Ambassador to Belarus Alexander Surikov. However, he clarified that "such things never happen for free." The diplomat added that the Russian military will pay not only for the use of the runway and parking, but also for water and electricity, interfax.by reports.

Surikov also reminded that the "final point of forming a military air base is 2014." According to him, the first brigade of Russian fighter aircrafts have arrived at the air base near Baranavichy.

On December 9, four modified fighter aircrafts Su-27SM3 arrived at the airport of the 61th fighter air base in Baranavichy and went on duty. The Russian fighters will protect the airspace of the Union State together with the Belarusian military pilots under the deal between the two countries to establish a joint air base.