Updated at 15:27,23-09-2020

Ministry of Labour: Life makes us return to tax on “social parasites“


The only thing that deters the authorities from imposing a new tax is absence of the definition of the term "social parasite".

This statement was made by first deputy minister of labour and social protection Piotr Hrushnik at a press conference in Minsk on January 3, BelaPAN news agency reports.

"Unfortunately, no one in the country can estimate the economic effect if we find, spend [our money] to find these people and define their status," he said.

According to him, an unclear definition of the term "parasitism" doesn't allow imposing the tax. "We speak about social parasites, but we don't know who they are: a person who has done nothing for 10 years, or a person who crossed the border 150 times for two months," Hrushnik said.

He is confident life will make Belarus return to the issue of the tax on unemployed people.

"We will see if these people don't work, or they work somewhere and receive income but don't pay taxes. These are completely different things," the deputy minister of labour and social protection said.

The government agencies will study the issue and take measures, according to him. "We should either strengthen our tax system, or catch people and ask whether they work or not. Or we will provide dental and other services for holders of a special card," Hrushnik said.

It became known in autumn that Belarus considered an issue on compensation by unemployed people for a part of the state's expenses on providing social and other services to them and their families. The statement was made by first deputy minister of labour and social protection Piotr Hrushnik.

The official noted that under article 56 of the Constitution of Belarus, citizens of country must contribute to funding public expenditure by means of state taxes, duties and other payments.