Updated at 21:48,17-09-2020

“In name of revolution“ another 70 thousand workers will be dismissed


A whole Pinsk or Baranavichy may be left out of work this year.

According to the prognosis of socio-economic development for 2014, the number of the employed will decrease by 153 thousand people. At the same time due to the modernization of enterprises, which Lukashenka urged to carry out in the country "in the name of revoluition", 70 thousand people will be left without work.

It is not yet known who and where will be fired.

"Specific indicators on dismissing workers due to industrial modernization along the lines of the types of economic activity and GDP-making organizations will be reflected in the development plans for types of economic activity, developed by ministries and concerns after the adoption of the Resolution by the Council of Ministers of the Republic of Belarus "On indicators of the prognosis of socio-economic development of the Republic of Belarus for 2014", - they said to a Naviny.by’s reported at the press-service of the Ministry of Economy.

In the conditions of structural modifications of the economy the dismissal of labor force is inevitable, they added at the Ministry of Economy. An economist Leanid Zlotnikau agrees with that. According to him, dismissals of workers is a natural process, when enterprises adopt new technologies.

"Even more so that sometimes three-four times more people are employed at our enterprises than at similar modern enterprises with the same output. The operational efficiency is five times lower than abroad. Without adopting new technologies, which imply less people are employed for manufacturing the same products, we will remain at the same standard of living or become poorer", - the expert says.

Apart from that, the economist explains, dismissal of workers is also inevitable of unprofitable enterprises, which there are a third of the total number.

"Another thing is that the government should be everything possible in order to support the dismissed people. Let’s say, to increase the unemployment benefit amount from today’s 20 dollars up to 150-200, provide retraining at the expense of the state etc.", - Leanid Zlotnikau says.