Updated at 15:27,23-09-2020

Vasily Shlyndzikau: Some Belarusian plants produce nothing but smoke


Every fifth enterprise lives on proceeds accumulated earlier.

Radio Svaboda learnt it from Vasily Shlyndzikau, a former general director of Amkodor plant.

"These are terrible figures," he said. "It is the logical result of the country's economic policy. We live in the world of market economy, with the laws not complying with decrees of the Belarusian ruler. This is the result of ignoring the market laws.

"Almost every fifth enterprise produces nothing but smoke and lives on the proceeds accumulated earlier. They'd better not work at all. They'd better go to Sochi to lie on the seashore. It would be more useful for economy."

Lukashenka presented the speaking figures showing the poor state of the Belarusian industry at today's meeting to discuss the industrial development.

He said the production output fell 5% and the foreign accounts receivable increased. Debts for unpaid products reached 118 trillion rubles, which is more than two average monthly outputs. The net profit of industrial enterprises reduced by half, 17% of enterprises are loss-making and the aggregate net losses reached 4.5 trillion rubles.