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6 Reasons Why Belarusians Are So Negative About Everything Kомментарии
15 ноябрь 2018, 12:18 | English / Featured Stories

Why Belarusians look so moody, always whine and complain? The unsmiling phenomenon and one of the most vibrant features of the nation is hard to explain but we still will give it a try. „итать

Belarus-Russia integration: how to avoid brotherly hugs Kомментарии
12 ноябрь 2018, 12:08 | Main story / Featured Stories

In early October 2018, Belarus and Russia settled the agreement about oil supplies for the remaining part of 2018 and for 2019. Unexpectedly, the Russian leadership abandoned pressure on Belarus. „итать

Belarusian medical tourism: dental tourists particularly welcome Kомментарии
09 ноябрь 2018, 11:42 | English / Featured Stories

Belarus intends to position itself as a well-reputed destination for medical tourism at the Belarus-China forum in Shanghai on 7 November. „итать

Belarus' new nuclear power plant will change the energy balance in the Baltics Kомментарии
08 ноябрь 2018, 18:27 | English / Featured Stories

Construction of Belarus’s new Astravets nuclear power plant is almost complete. „итать

Belarus’s next five years: stability above all Kомментарии
22 октябрь 2018, 14:39 | Main story / Featured Stories

According to the index’s authors, Belarus can expect a stagnant economy and decreasing research potential. On the other hand, minorities’ rights may improve and the national identity strengthen. „итать

Pop Star Shows Lukashenko’s Childhood Home In New Music Video Kомментарии
18 октябрь 2018, 17:27 | English / Featured Stories

Ever wanted to see a place where President Alexander Lukashenko grew up as a kid? „итать

10 Most Expensive Paintings By Belarusian Artists Sold At Auctions Kомментарии
16 октябрь 2018, 17:09 | English / Featured Stories

Paintings of Belarusian artists can be found in museums around the world. Ready to spend millions of dollars connoisseurs of art keep hunting for the masterpieces to have them in their collections. „итать

State-controlled think tanks in Belarus – who are they? Kомментарии
16 октябрь 2018, 17:02 | English / Featured Stories

In contrast to the few independent Belarusian thinks tanks, the state-controlled analytical research centres in Belarus benefit from a range of privileges. „итать

Fact-check: Belarus' role in hard coal supplies from Ukraine's occupied areas Kомментарии
09 октябрь 2018, 22:44 | English / Featured Stories

Is Belarus really making money on the anthracite trade with the unrecognized ‘DPR’ and ‘LPR’? Euroradio has verified for you. „итать

Miadzel hosts regional harvest festival - in pictures Kомментарии
03 октябрь 2018, 19:29 | English / Featured Stories

On 29 September, a small town of Miadzel hosted Minsk Region's 2018 harvest festival Dazynki. The key activities included a huge market place and a traditional agricultural parade. „итать

What The Halm? Giant Straw Sculptures Invade Belarusian Fields Kомментарии
18 сентябрь 2018, 18:17 | English / Featured Stories

Autumn is a season of harvesting, and festivals to celebrate it are currently taking place all over the world. In Belarus we have our own called Dažinki that gives us a wildly inventive and fun way to reuse straw left over from the harvest. „итать

Keeping pace with Dad: Kolya Lukashenka’s foreign trips (ENG video) Kомментарии
13 сентябрь 2018, 10:20 | English / Featured Stories

On August 31, Kolya Lukashenka turned 14. The Belarusian leader is notorious for taking his beloved son to domestic and foreign official meetings and events. „итать

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