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Animal cruelty in Belarus Kомментарии
23 май 2018, 00:25 | English / Featured Stories

In March 2018 several Belarusian media reported the shocking treatment of homeless animals in Babruisk. Staff members at the animal shelter, which has been nicknamed the “death camp”, allegedly applied the euthanasia drug T61 on unsedated animals, causing immense suffering to thousands of cats and „итать

Russia provokes religious conflict in Belarus? Kомментарии
19 май 2018, 12:06 | English / Featured Stories

On 20 March 2018, Metropolitan Pavel (also known as Georgy Ponomarev) – the Metropolitan of Minsk and Zaslaŭje, and Patriarchal Exarch of All Belarus – stated his wish to organize the visit of Patriarch Kirill of Moscow to Minsk. He scheduled the visit to follow on the heels of Pope Francis’s „итать

Russian Cossacks, beer, veterans: Minsk on Victory Day (photo report) Kомментарии
10 май 2018, 19:24 | English / Featured Stories

On May 9, Minsk celebrated the 73rd anniversary of the victory over Nazi Germany. A Belsat.eu photojournalist has picked out the most interesting moments of the celebration. „итать

Lukashenka’s new media policy: what to expect? Kомментарии
09 май 2018, 11:44 | English / Featured Stories

On 10 April, Alexander Lukashenka met the heads and staff of the largest state-owned Belarusian media. He stated that they could not work in the old fashion any longer and called for a new era in their work. „итать

Civil society fundraising in Belarus: time to go local and crowdfund? Kомментарии
09 май 2018, 11:36 | English / Featured Stories

Belarusian civil society celebrated Freedom Day in the heart of Minsk on 25th March thanks to a massive and successful fundraising campaign. Grassroots fundraising may be uncommon in Belarus, but a steady trend for the success of such campaigns has emerged. „итать

This Erotic Game Will Become Historical And Cultural Heritage Of Belarus Kомментарии
09 май 2018, 11:23 | English / Featured Stories

A game played by young people in the village of Guta, Vitebsk oblast, will be included in the State List of Historical and Cultural Heritage of Belarus. „итать

Chernobyl March 2018 - in pictures Kомментарии
28 апрель 2018, 18:51 | English / Featured Stories

On 26 April 2018, some 400 opposition and environmental activists proceeded along the streets of Minsk in what is traditionally called the Chernobyl March rally to mark 32 years since the Chernobyl nuclear accident. „итать

The crisis of Belarusian youth sport: can we expect a new Domracheva? Kомментарии
22 март 2018, 18:29 | English / Featured Stories

At the Pyeongchang 2018 Winter Olympics, Belarus finished 15th in the medal table with two golds and one silver. The result represents a true sporting achievement for a country with a relatively small GDP. „итать

Exploring Belarus’s massive gender longevity gap Kомментарии
21 март 2018, 18:49 | English / Featured Stories

The Belarusian gender debate understandably focuses on women’s rights, but in reality, men deserve as much attention. Belarusian men have a far lower life expectancy than women; lower even than North Korean men. „итать

Local elections in Belarus: takeaways Kомментарии
15 март 2018, 20:37 | English / Featured Stories

This campaign presented the authorities with an opportunity to demonstrate their openness and improve performance on their democratisation and human rights record. Instead they used it as a testing ground for their ability to dominate and manipulate domestic politics. „итать

Belarus reviews defence policy after Russia disappoints Kомментарии
15 март 2018, 20:29 | Main story / Featured Stories

Lukashenka complained about Russia’s unwillingness to arm the Belarusian army. On 23 February, the ideological periodical of Belarusian government published an article by the defence minister, Andrei Raukou, who described how Belarus would defend itself without mentioning any Russian role in it. „итать

From A Belarusian Orphanage To The Paralympics Kомментарии
07 март 2018, 23:55 | English / Featured Stories

Twenty-two-year-old Vadim Lipinski, who grew up disabled in an orphanage in Belarus, is about to race for his country at the Paralympics in South Korea. For the young skier, the chance to win gold is a lifelong dream, but he's pursuing other dreams as well: a closer relationship with his birth „итать

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