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Breaking The Ice: How A Refugee Became NHL's First Belarusian Hockey Player Kомментарии
18 июль 2019, 16:58 | English / Featured Stories

Former NHL hockey player John Miszuk returned to his birthplace in Naliboki, Belarus, more than seven decades after his family was driven out during World War II. „итать

A Lesson Belarusian Babushkas Can Teach To Western Feminists, Opinion By A Swede Kомментарии
26 июнь 2019, 14:55 | English / Featured Stories

I remember hearing a story about a man who fled to his grandmother after watching the Twin Towers collapse on September 11, 2001. „итать

The Land Of Infinite Stability. How Come Nothing Changes In Belarus’ Politics For 25 Years Kомментарии
26 июнь 2019, 14:42 | Main story / Featured Stories

There is an anniversary coming soon in Belarus. 25 years ago, on 20 July 1994, Alexander Lukashenko became the first and so far the only president of the country. „итать

Belarus is the only CIS country where the last Amy Winehouse exhibition will be shown Kомментарии
21 июнь 2019, 13:42 | English / Featured Stories

From 15 June 2019, the Museum of History in Minsk has been hosting a legendary exhibition ‘Amy Winehouse: A Family Portrait’ devoted to the life and music of the famous British singer. „итать

European Games: 'Olympic' mattresses and halal food in student village in Minsk Kомментарии
21 июнь 2019, 11:06 | English / Featured Stories

The Student Village in Minsk usually turns into a township with its own infrastructure during big sporting events. „итать

Leaders Of Shanghai Cooperation Organization Sign Joint Declaration Kомментарии
17 июнь 2019, 17:43 | English / Featured Stories

The leaders of the Shanghai Cooperation Organization (SCO) countries signed a joint declaration on June 14 at their summit in Kyrgyzstan's capital, Bishkek, calling for greater cooperation among member countries and reaffirming their intent to ensure security for their region. „итать

Belarusian Nobel Laureate Says HBO Series Has 'Completely Changed Perception' Of Chernobyl Kомментарии
17 июнь 2019, 17:41 | English / Featured Stories

Belarus's Nobel laureate Svetlana Alexievich rolled her eyes when the creators of Chernobyl approached her for permission to use material from her book Voices From Chernobyl for the hit HBO miniseries. „итать

Haves and have nots of 2nd European Games in Minsk Kомментарии
10 июнь 2019, 18:47 | Main story / Featured Stories

Representatives of the local broadcaster working at the 2nd European Games to be held in Minsk from June 21 to 30 will be allocated up to 191 BYN (91 USD) per day for food. „итать

Belarusian footballers make chocolate Kомментарии
10 июнь 2019, 18:41 | English / Featured Stories

Ihar Stasevich and Syarhei Kislyak, players of the Belarusian national football team, have launched a new line of high-quality handmade chocolate. „итать

'A Powerful Depiction': Chernobyl Workers Reflect On HBO Series Kомментарии
07 июнь 2019, 15:52 | Main story / Featured Stories

The HBO miniseries Chernobyl dramatizes the world's worst civilian nuclear accident. But how realistic is its portrayal of the 1986 disaster? Former Chernobyl workers weigh in with their reviews. „итать

Oh Deer! A Call Of The Wild Contest In Belarus Kомментарии
07 июнь 2019, 15:44 | English / Featured Stories

Strange grunts and groans have been heard in a Belarusian forest as contestants from several countries came together for the 21st European Championship of Stag Callers. „итать

All You Need To Know About Visa-Free Entry To 2nd European Games Kомментарии
03 июнь 2019, 19:17 | English / Featured Stories

With less than a month to the 2nd European Games, it’s high time to start planning your trip to Minsk. One of the most important things to consider is Belarus visa requirements – or, for many lucky travelers, the visa-free entry to the country. „итать

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