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“What Sea, Mum, if Bonbs Fall on our Heads”. A Family from Ukraine Tells about their Resettlement Experience Kомментарии
25 март 2019, 15:39 | English / Featured Stories

According to the president of Belarus, all migrants from Ukraine were granted equal conditions and rights with Belarusian citizens... „итать

Brest Transit. Part II. People stories Kомментарии
22 март 2019, 15:24 | English / Featured Stories

A cycle of reports about the life of Chechen asylum-seekers in Brest „итать

Brest Transit. Part I. What makes dozens of Chechen families take a commuter train from Brest to Terespol Kомментарии
22 март 2019, 15:20 | English / Featured Stories

Why do these people flee their homeland. What makes them leave their well-established way of life, their motherland, and their friends? What do they hope for? What do they dream about? Most importantly, can we help them in any way? „итать

Belarusization 2.0.: Will the Russian threat help Belarusization? Kомментарии
22 март 2019, 15:17 | English / Featured Stories

On 2 March 2019 Alexander Lukashenka held his annual conference with journalists. The so-called “Big Conversation” lasted seven hours. The marathon session both clarified and blurred official positions on issues of security, closer integration with Russia, and Russian propaganda in Belarus. „итать

5 Traditional Souvenirs To Bring From Belarus Kомментарии
21 март 2019, 18:54 | English / Featured Stories

Any foreigner who comes to Belarus wants to take away something unique and all-Belarusian from here. So when it comes to choosing a souvenir, what are the ones with truly Belarusian scent? „итать

13 Celebrities Who Are (Not So) Secretly Belarusians Kомментарии
12 февраль 2019, 23:44 | English / Featured Stories

Did you know that lots of world celebrities have Belarusian blood running through their veins? We bet you did, but let’s gather them all together (at least most of them) to admire and be proud of. „итать

Five Reasons Why Belarusian Opposition Is So Hopeless Kомментарии
12 февраль 2019, 23:25 | Featured Stories / Politics

Belarus is going to hold parliamentary and presidential elections between the end of 2019 and the summer of 2020. „итать

Belarus and Russia Dispute the Fundamentals of Their Relationship Kомментарии
28 январь 2019, 11:52 | English / Featured Stories

Over the past several months, Belarus has found itself in yet another conflict-in-progress with Russia. „итать

Belarus faces its first investment claims Kомментарии
25 январь 2019, 11:51 | English / Featured Stories

Since gaining independence, Belarus has never participated in proper investor-state proceedings. „итать

Pressure against Belarusian independent media: what’s next? Kомментарии
11 январь 2019, 21:54 | English / Featured Stories

Since August 2018 till present, the Belarusian authorities put pressure on independent media resources, including the top Belarusian media outlet TUT.BY. „итать

A revolutionary 2018? Belarus’s government changes its face Kомментарии
10 январь 2019, 21:17 | English / Featured Stories

2018 witnessed huge changes in the Belarusian government. In August, President Alexander Lukashenka dismissed the prime minister, three deputy prime ministers, three ministers and the chairman of the State Military-Industrial Committee. „итать

Human rights in Belarus: arrests decrease, fines increase Kомментарии
08 январь 2019, 23:29 | English / Featured Stories

Amid the Belarusian presidential election in 2020, it is unlikely that significant steps will be taken towards political liberalisation. „итать

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