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Why the West fails to make a difference in Belarus
23 октябрь 2020, 14:46 | English / Featured Stories

Over two months have passed since the beginning of the largest peaceful protests in Belarusian history. read more

Transit wars weaken both Belarus and the Baltics
16 октябрь 2020, 14:18 | English / Featured Stories

For more than a month, Alexander Lukashenka has been threatening to stop exporting Belarusian goods via Baltic states’ ports, and to halt their transit via the Baltics and Poland. read more

13-Year-Old Girl Describes Her Brutal Detention During Protests In Grodno
12 октябрь 2020, 19:36 | English / Featured Stories

13-year-old Anastasia was detained last Sunday in Grodno, near Sovetskaya Square, where a protest rally was to take place and an agricultural fair was held. Security forces were on duty at the fair, several special vehicles were spotted nearby. read more

Propagandist response: Belarus state-run TV uses Soviet-era names for Ukraine, Lithuania, Poland
09 октябрь 2020, 00:30 | English / Featured Stories

Belarusian state-controlled TV stations started to call Poland ‘the former Polish People’s Republic’, while Lithuania and Ukraine were presented as the former Soviet republics of Lithuania and Ukraine. read more

Belarusian Protests Spill Off The Streets, Into The Sports Arena
08 октябрь 2020, 20:21 | English / Featured Stories

Belarus's postelection protests have entered the sports arena, but athletes who boycott competition or participate in anti-government rallies will be sidelined for awhile if the authorities have anything to say about it. read more

Belarus protests: Pensioners march through Minsk
08 октябрь 2020, 20:10 | English / Featured Stories

About 200 people on October 5 took part in the street rally dubbed the March of Pensioners in Minsk. read more

Russian Military Creep In Belarus Raises Security Alarms
05 октябрь 2020, 18:54 | English / Featured Stories

Russia's support of Alyaksandr Lukashenka may come at a price that could alter the balance of power in Europe as the Kremlin flexes its military might on the eastern fringes of NATO and exacts concessions from the embattled Belarusian strongman. read more

'Violence For the Sake Of Violence': Minsk IT Worker Recounts 'Torture' In Belarusian Jail
01 октябрь 2020, 16:12 | English / Featured Stories

With his dog and cat by his side, Maksim Karaleuski stood in the square, the red-and-white flag of the first independent Belarusian republic draped over his shoulders, joining calls for Alyaksandr Lukashenka to step down. read more

'You Have No Masks': Belarus Protesters Use High-Tech Tools To Expose Riot Police
01 октябрь 2020, 15:28 | English / Featured Stories

MOSCOW -- The video shows two baton-wielding police officers and a protester cowering on the ground as bystanders loudly demand his release. read more

Belarus protests: Taxi driver saves protester from riot police - Euroradio video
01 октябрь 2020, 15:18 | English / Featured Stories

Euroradio's video shot on Wednesday evening has become viral in Belarusian and foreign media and social networks. It shows how a taxi driver saved a protester running from the riot police. read more

District police officer leaves Belarus in protest against lawlessness
01 октябрь 2020, 15:15 | English / Featured Stories

On August 12, the district inspector of the Savetsky District Department of Internal Affairs of Homiel Ivan Kolas recorded a video message in which he called Svyatlana Tsikhanouskaya president and asked his colleagues not to use violence against peaceful protesters. read more

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