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PHOTOS: Belarusian Women Say Goodbye To Winter In Spring Welcoming Celebration
03 март 2021, 01:14 | English / Featured Stories

Belarusian women dressed in clothes of national colours, who have become a peculiar city brand, said goodbye to winter in a beautiful spring welcoming celebration last weekend. read more

Bone Of Contention? Six Letters That Could Rewrite Slavic History
23 февраль 2021, 15:57 | English / Featured Stories

It had long been believed that Slavs had not adopted a writing system until the ninth century, when they started using Glagolitic script introduced by the Christian missionaries Cyril and Methodius. But that is some three centuries after the inscription on the Lany bone, which has been dated using read more

All-Belarusian People's Assembly was very pro-Russian. Why?
23 февраль 2021, 14:34 | English / Featured Stories

The subject of relations between Belarus and Russia kept coming up at the recent All-Belarusian People's Assembly. read more

Man In Court For Illegal Picketing With Toy Gnome In His Apartment
16 февраль 2021, 19:16 | English / Featured Stories

Yuri Yarosh from Grodno is accused of unsanctioned picketing with a gnome holding a white-red-white flag in his hands, which was standing in the window of his apartment. read more

Woman Arrested For 10 Days For Participating In City Tour About Holocaust
16 февраль 2021, 19:14 | English / Featured Stories

In Novogrudok, Zhanna Bobrovskaya was sentenced to 10 days of arrest for taking part in a tour on 24 January. read more

Ukrainian businessman Medvedchuk and his Belarusian connections
15 февраль 2021, 22:54 | English / Featured Stories

Ukrainian politician Viktor Medvedchuk is often called "Putin's cousin," and this is no exaggeration. read more

Biden And Belarus: Atlantic Council Presents Strategy For New Administration
04 февраль 2021, 15:53 | English / Featured Stories

The Atlantic Council made recommendations for the 46th U.S. President in its report “Biden and Belarus: A Strategy for the New Administration.” According to the authors of the report, Biden has as “a historic opportunity to bring Europe together and reverse the tide of dictatorship by building an read more

Detained Belarusian Protesters Describe August Stay In Internment Camp
04 февраль 2021, 15:45 | English / Featured Stories

MINSK -- Prisoners packed into barracks deep in the forest, ringed by meters-high fencing, topped with barbed wire, and complete with guard dogs and watch towers. read more

Minsk for rent: Lukashenka's administration earns millions from real estate
29 январь 2021, 14:32 | English / Featured Stories

"We are the largest operator in the market of non-residential real estate in the Republic of Belarus," the website of the Main Economic Directorate of the Presidential Administration (MEDPA) says. read more

Controversy around Belarusian national flag explained
26 январь 2021, 14:43 | English / Featured Stories

Belarusian state propaganda is trying with all its might to discredit the white-red-white flag as "the banner of collaborators". read more

Belarus axed as host of ice hockey tournament over 'security concerns'
22 январь 2021, 19:16 | English / Featured Stories

Sponsors of IIHF championships had begun to drop out after violent government crackdown on protests read more

Leaked Belarusian Audio Points To Plan For Barbed-Wire-Bound 'Camp' For Protesters
22 январь 2021, 19:10 | English / Featured Stories

Arrests, beatings, forced exile, and even death. Belarusians have paid a high price for raising their voices in opposition since authoritarian leader Alyaksandr Lukashenka claimed a landslide victory and a sixth presidential term in an August 2020 election that hundreds of thousands of citizens read more

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