Updated at 18:21,18-06-2018

Election in Belarusian style: Independent observers summoned to police


Not long after the presidential election-2015 several independent observers have been summoned to the police. It may be retaliation for reporting election violations, activists say.

For example, the police are hunting for three activists of the movement For Freedom in Slutsk, Maladzechna and Barysau. Observing the election, all of them witnessed faults and filed complaints, activist Vital Amyalkovich says.

The three cases are developing under one and the same scenario: the observer recorded a violation, reported it to the prosecutors office, the prosecutors office transferred reports to the police, the police sent the case to a local police officer and the latter initiated a search of the complainants.

Maladzechna-based activist Valyantsin Tsishko, one of the summoned, believes that such acts are nothing but attempts to intimidate dissidents:

This is moral pressure. It is out of the polices jurisdiction to respond to such complaints.

He is the only independent observer in Maladzechna who was summoned to the police.