Updated at 14:13,22-06-2018

Unfriendly welcome for Russian World protagonist in Minsk


The meeting with Russian World propagandist Nikolai Starikov in Minsk's House of Moscow on Monday evening started with a scandal. Before Starikov could pronounce a word, a group of young people started shouting Suitcase, railway station, Russia!' His guards reacted by attacking the youngsters. The young men were dragged out of the assembly hall, Euroradio reporter Yauhen Valoshyn reported.

Despite the incident, the meeting was not interrupted.

The meeting with the propagandist of the Russian World was initially planned to take place in Hotel Belarus and at the Svetach bookshop. However, due to pressure from members of the public, the meetings were canceled. Students from Minsk's universities had been persistently invited to the meeting in the House of Moscow several days before the event. Extra days-off were reportedly offered to students in exchange for attending the meeting.