Updated at 15:41,25-05-2020

In search of solitude: Luninetsk ‘Robinson Crusoe’ spent 23 days in the woods


A resident of the Luninets rayon spent three consecutive weeks in the woods seeking solitude. His family did not know anything.

The 26-year-old man went missing on October 24. That day in the village of Lakhva he was helping his father on the farm, then the young man sat behind the wheel of his car and drove away in an unknown direction, telling nothing to the family about his destination.

The man was missing for a few days, when his parents sought help from the police. In addition to law enforcement personnel, searching for the Man were foresters, hunters and volunteer of the rescue group Angel, Pinsk site Varjag.net reports.

On the night of November 16, the young man appeared in the village Lyudzyanevichy of the Zhytkavichy rayon. He came to visit his wife, with whom they were separated for some time. It turned out, that the father of two spent in the forest as many as 23 days. He bought food at gas stations, and decided to return home only when he ran out of money.

The man explained his behavior to the police by the desire to be alone, which he had due to family problems. This was not the first time that the Luninetsk “Robinson Crusoe” sought solitude in the forest. Last winter, the police were also involved in looking for him for a few days. The local clinic then sent the young man to a psychiatric examination in Homiel.