Updated at 11:25,18-04-2018

Three-star hotel in Minsk more expensive than in Moscow


Belarusian hotels should reduce their prices, said Deputy Minister of Sport and Tourism Mikhail Partny. His comments came during an interview in the ONT program "Contours" on 10 January.

The official noted that prices in Belarusian hotels are almost twice as higher as the corresponding rates in the Baltic States and Moscow.

Partny: "In Saint-Petersburg and Moscow three star hotels cost $40, in the Baltic States - 30-40 dollars, in Belarus - 65-70. We should not allow for this. The hotels and other accommodations should reduce their rates and bring down the price".

Partny said that the Belarusian health resorts and hotels have vacant rooms. In his opinion, it is necessary not to focus on the high cost and empty hotels, but to accomodate visitors at low prices.