Updated at 15:27,23-09-2020

Pornhub’s 2015 year in review: Belarusians search for ‘mature’

Belsat.eu, following Pornhub

Pornhub.com, one of the most popular resources with pornographic videos, has published the review of its activity in 2015. Belarus is in the rop of the countries that have the shortest average visit times.

“We had lots of fun this year, crunching the numbers and delivering the data on the porn viewing habits of many different types of Pornhub viewers,” the website says. The Belarusians also appear in Pornhub’s statistics.

Pornhub’s 2015 year in review: Belarusians search for ‘mature’

Pornhub also made a list of the most popular search terms worldwide. At the top of the list is ‘lesbian’; there is a map indicating The tremendous popularity of the Lesbian category in countries like the United States, Canada, Norway, Australia, etc.

What most interests Belarusian users is videos in the category ‘mature’, neighbouing Ukrainians and Latvians have similar choices. Lithuanians are fond of hentai, Poles search for ‘teenage’ videos while the most popular search term in Russia is ‘anal’.