Updated at 21:48,17-09-2020

Belarus police keep cover for offending officer: ‘F*ck you’ is no insult!

belsat.eu, following Nasha Niva

A resident of Brest filmed a road policeman insulting him and demands to bring the offending officer to justice.

When road policeman Pyatruchyk stopped the man’s car, the driver started to show necessary documents one by one, which displeased Mr Pyatruchyk, who demanded all papers at once.

The driver refused to get into a traffic police car. According to lawyers, the policeman’s demand was illegal. As a result, the handcuffed driver was taken to a police station and Br 1.8 mln fined.

Policeman Pyatruchyk told the driver ‘f*ck you’, which was recorded by a dash camera. The officer also disparagingly called him ‘kid’ and ‘Andryusha’ [diminutive of the driver’s name].
The insulted man filed a complaint, but according to the Brest police, he was not verbally harassed by officer Pyatruchyk.

In the letter of reply, the police chief Vyachaslau Maximuk refers to the linguistic evaluation that found no sign of willful tarnishing the honor and dignity of a person in Mr Pyatruchyk’s calling the driver ‘kid’ and ‘Andryusha’.

Moreover, the chief police officer of Brest says that the expression ‘F*ck you’ is not an insult, but just ‘improper phrasing’.