Updated at 14:37,26-01-2021

Belarus MP makes 2.5 times more than teacher and twice less than programmer

Artsiom Martynovich, Euroradio

1700 roubles – this is the wage of MPs in Belarus, Euroradio found out (17 million old roubles). The wage converted into dollars has decreased more than twice in four years. MPs used to make almost two thousand dollars a month.

Let us compare the wages to voters’ wages. Doctor Alyaksandr Vauchanin works in the ambulance. He works in two jobs and makes about 700 roubles a month (7 millions).

"I work in two jobs in the ambulance – in Zhodzina and Barysau. I make 5 millions in one job and two millions in the other one. The wage has not changed for about two years. I spend my vacations in the country. I think that work in the ambulance is rather hard and the wages should be higher. Recent big purchases? We have bought a microwave.”

Minsk teacher Yulya makes 650 roubles a month and can afford going abroad.

"I will go to Odessa. We have not made any big purchases recently.”

Yanina Kavalevich from Maladzechna is a milkmaid at the enterprise Ushod-Agro. She makes twice less than an MP.

"The wage depends on the milk yield. It is form 7 to 9 millions, I think that it is okay. We work from 5 a.m. until 9 p.m. I spend my vacations at home with the children. We bought bedroom furniture not long ago.”

Players of Minsk FC Krumkachy make from 6 to 20 millions a month. Forward Alyaksandr Skshynetski will not go on vacations this year – he has no time for it.

Belarus MP makes 2.5 times more than teacher and twice less than programmer

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"I spent one day in Polatsk but there was an excursion and a concert of organ music. We are playing now so there is no spare time.”

According to Belstat, an average programmer makes 3300 roubles ( 33 millions) a month. It is almost twice more than an MP’s wage.