Updated at 14:52,24-02-2021

Pop Star Shows Lukashenko’s Childhood Home In New Music Video


Ever wanted to see a place where President Alexander Lukashenko grew up as a kid? Now you can catch a glimpse of it in a music video “Kutochak Belarusi” (a corner of Belarus – BelarusFeed note) by Alyona Lanskaya.

“This clip is not about someone personally, it is about all of us,” the singer said.

The video clip starts with a man opening the gates of a rural house in Alexandria, the town where the president spent his childhood. The man enters the house, sits at the table and opens a photo book that shows us the scenes familiar to any Belarusian whose parents or grandparents lived in a village.

We see a boy running in the fields, riding a bike, cutting the grass, helping a mother to milk a cow, chopping firewood, and fishing. The next moment he is at school, eating draniki out of the oven, and the main treat of any village kid – a brown bread with jam.

The video also has some Kupalle motives. At some point it shows Belarusian women and men doing a circle dance, singing and searching for a fern flower. The president watched the touching clip during Kupalle Night celebrations in Alexandria and some say he had tears in his eyes.

According to Anna Gert, the screenwriter and director of the video, she wanted to convey the mood and fond memories of childhood. Whether Anna and Alyona’s team managed to do it or not, check for yourself. Watch a full video below: