Updated at 17:19,07-01-2021

Italian Vogue Publishes Photos Of Icon Protester Nina Baginskaya


Italian Vogue Publishes Photos Of Icon Protester Nina Baginskaya
Photo: Vogue
Cindy Crawford, Keira Knightley, Beyoncé, Madonna, the Hadid sisters… One cannot list all the world famous stars who hit the pages of the Italian Vogue. A Belarusian who has nothing to do with the modeling world or show business is now among them.

The pictures of Nina Baginskaya titled The mother of the Belarusian revolution can be found in the online version of the magazine. Photograph Ivan Revyako sent his works to the cult Italian magazine, where they underwent a regorous selection process before publication.

Photo: vogue.it

Here is how Ivan described his meeting with Nina Baginskaya, 74-year-old activist, on his Instagram page.

Nina Grigorievna, what would you say to Belarusians if you knew that everyone would hear you?

She prepared for a long time, thought very hard and then said.

“I would advise two things. The first is that one cannot be happy without freedom. We need to fight for our freedom, for the land, for the language, we need to fight for our people. The earth and the people must be free. And happy.

And the second is that we need to preserve our nature. We should keep it neat and tidy. We all came from nature and we should preserve it. And tell everyone on the internet that I love tham all.”

Italian Vogue Publishes Photos Of Icon Protester Nina Baginskaya

Photo: vogue.it

So, the internet users, I tell you that she loves us all. And she embraces us all – a small, thin but so strong, the grandmother of all Belarusians – Nina Baginskaya.

Nina Baginskaya is an icon of the Belarusian opposition. She has participated in demonstrations since 1988. The activist has been detained and fined dozens of times, spent many nights in jail. The great grandmother stopped counting the total sum of fines after it reached $16,000.

Authorities expropriated her two country houses and started regularly taking 50% of her pension to pay fines. Nina Baginskaya never stopped protesting.