Updated at 01:25,03-03-2021

Spravedlivy Mir party nominates 236 representatives to precinct election commissions


The "Spravedlivy Mir" (Just World) Belarusian Party of the Left has nominated 236 representatives to precinct election commissions, the party’s Deputy Chairman Valery Ukhnalyow told BelaPAN on Wednesday.

According to him, the nomination of candidates to district election commissions will be continued until August 5. "We nominated our representatives to district election commissions by the party’s board. Our local chapters are nominating representatives to precinct election commissions. In cities and provinces, our local chapters have held appropriate meetings and started to submit applications for including our nominees in precinct commissions", Mr. Ukhnalyow said.

He noted that candidates to precinct election commissions continued mostly in the districts where the party’s representatives would be on the ballot.
Mr. Ukhnalyow also said that the party had nominated 89 representatives to district election commissions and 27 of them had been granted membership. "It is good a percentage, almost one third. But it is the precinct commissions that count votes and elections frauds are made at this level. That’s why I think, the number of representatives of the party and other pro-democracy forces who will be denied membership in precinct commissions will be much larger", Mr. Ukhnalyow said.

However, he said he hoped that some of the party’s representatives would be included to precinct election commissions anyway. "Afterwards, we’ll work with them and instruct them how to use their legal status to prevent possible frauds during the vote counting process in the districts and how to resist unlawful actions", Mr. Ukhnalyow said.

The House of Representatives elections will be held in late September.