Updated at 01:25,03-03-2021

21 members of House of Representatives set to run for reelection


As many as 21 current members of the House of Representatives are going to run for reelection in the parliamentary elections to be held in late September.

They include House of Representatives Chairperson Uladzimir Andreychanka; Deputy Chairperson Viktar Huminski; Vital Busko, chairperson of the standing Committee on International Affairs and Relations within the CIS; Mikalay Samaseyka; chairperson of the Committee on Legislation and Judicial and Legal Matters; and Syarhey Kanoplich, chairperson of the Committee on Chernobyl Problems, Environment and Nature Management.

Among the parliamentary contenders also former members of the House, such as Syarhey Kastsyan, chairperson of Belarusian Slavic Committee; retired army general Valery Fralow; Uladzimir Navasyad, leader of the unregistered Party of Freedom and Progress (PFP); Mikhail Savanovich, chairperson of the Minsk City Soviet; Andrey Navumovich, chairperson of the Hrodna Regional Soviet; Lyudmila Dabrynina, chairperson of the Orsha City Soviet; Natallya Huyvik, chairperson of the Polatsk City Soviet; Halina Filipovich, chairperson of the Svyatlahorsk District Soviet; Uladzimir Krawtsow, first deputy head of the Mahilyow Regional Executive Committee.

The list of parliamentary hopefuls also features three former presidential candidates, including Alyaksandr Milinkevich, leader of the Movement for Freedom; Ryhor Kastusow, deputy chairperson of the Belarusian Popular Front; and Viktar Tsyareshchanka, an economic adviser at the Maks Kunyawski Business Union of Entrepreneurs and Employers.

A total of seven heads of district executive committees seek to become members of the House of Representative. They are: Mikalay Yazubets, head of the Baranavichy District Executive Committee; Alyaksandr Yurkevich, head of the Pruzhany District Executive Committee; Pyotr Shykshyyan, head of the Lepel District Executive Committee; Uladzimir Dzedushkin, head of the Orsha District Executive Committee; Mechyslaw Morkhat, head of the Sharkowshchyna District Executive Committee; Pyotr Shostak, head of the Rechytsa Executive Committee; Leanid Apanasyuk, head of the Zhlobin District Executive Committee; Syarhey Ushkevich, head of the Shchuchyn District Executive Committee; and Anatol Boyka, head of the Kletsk District Executive Committee.

The list of parliamentary contenders also includes Valery Haydukevich, chief of the Interior Troops/deputy interior minister; Vasil Papko, deputy head of the Vitsyebsk regional office of the Committee for State Security (KGB), Viktar Rusak, chief of the KGB Main Directorate for Economic Security; Alyaksandr Myazhuyew, chief of the Main Military Inspectorate of the Belarusian Armed Forces; Alyaksandr Aheyew, deputy head of the State Control Committee; Uladzislaw Tsydzik, head of the Minsk regional office of the State Control Committee; Lyudmila Mikhalkova, chairperson of the Homyel Regional Court; and Uladzimir Charavach, chairperson of the Kastrychnitski District Court in Minsk.

Also on the list are three presidential aides: Uladzimir Puzyrewski, the president’s aide/chief inspector for the Brest region; Ihar Prakapenka, the president’s aide/chief inspector for the Homyel region, and Mikalay Ivanchanka, the president’s aide/chief inspector for the Minsk region.

Parliamentary hopefuls include Vadzim Dzevyatowski, a hummer thrower who won a silver medal at the 2008 Beijing Olympics, comedian Yawhen Kryzhanowski, and psychotherapist and singer Alyaksey Khadorkin.