Updated at 17:11,20-07-2018

Political schizophrenia


Ballots contain names of the candidates that left the election race all the first day of the pre-term "elections".

Chairperson of the United Civil Party (UCP) Anatol Liabedzka told charter97.org that district electoral commissions refused to cross out the names of the candidates that had left the 'elections', thus breaching the law.

"What has happened in the district commissions in Babruisk, Ivie and one district in Minsk, is outrageous and completely illegal. The parties made a juridical decision to remove their candidates. The party has appointed the candidates, and the party has the right to remove them," the politician said.

"But the district commissions interpret the law in their own way, so the names of the removed candidates were left in the ballots during the entire voting day. Even worse – the chairpersons said that unless the candidates themselves come to the voting polls and prove that they had been removed, their names would remain in ballots. This is some kind of political schizophrenia!" Anatol Liabedzka said.

Chairperson of the Belarusian People’s Front (BPF) Aliaksiei Yanukievich believes that the incompetent members of the district commissions are the reason behind the problem.

"The candidates that applied to be removed from the 'elections' on 17 September are marked in ballots as “removed” candidates. Meanwhile, the three candidates from our party that applied on Tuesday were not removed from ballots until later. For example, yesterday our candidates from the Kobryn electoral district and from the 57th and 101st electoral districts in Minsk were not crossed out from ballots," the politician said.

"I believe that this problem has occurred because of the low qualification of the members the electoral commissions. Those who become members have poor knowledge of the election process, even though they are educated. They could cross out the names of our candidates from the ballots when they were giving them to the voters," Aliaksiei Yanukievich remarked.

We remind that on 15 September, the UCP and the BPF decided to remove all their candidates from the 'elections'. The parties explained that the factors behind the decision were the political prisoners, forced pre-time voting and completely unacceptable way to form electoral commissions.

Although the parties have removed their candidates, at some voting polls the UCP and BPF candidates were still listed in ballots on 18 September, the first day of the pre-term voting.