Updated at 17:11,20-07-2018

Students still forced to vote

Kastrychnitskaya Ploshcha will be blocked with a disco party on a polling day of September 23

Central square will be blocked

The authorities organise a concert at Kastrychnitskaya Ploshcha (Minsk central square) on September 23 — the polling day. The offer to participate in a disco party titled 'Make Your Choice!' is sent to Minsk-based state enterprises. However, it is hard to call it a simple offer, as the copy of the document sent to Nasha Niva requires to appoint a person responsible for participants from every institution or enterprise and also provide information on every participant. The information should be sent to the department on ideology.

Forced voting continues

Students Still Forced to Vote, Central Square to Be Blocked with “Disco Party” on Polling Day

Students of Belarusian universities keep on reporting Nasha Niva about forced early voting.

Thus, a student of History Faculty at Hrodna University says all not Hrodna residents were ordered to go and vote right in the middle of a class. The same situations are observed at other university’s faculties.

The students of Belarusian State Technological University say that the administration of the dormitory No. 2 promises a day off for all who voted early. Another point is that most students’ dormitory contracts were concluded for 2 months only. They are said the contracts will be extended only in case they participate in advance polling.