Updated at 18:21,18-06-2018

Lukashenka: "One must act against the workers with a tight rein"


The belarusian leader demanded unconditional implementation of the "serfdom decree".

"Take it all in your hands, in iron mittens, and act", - Alyaksandr Lukashenka stated on Thursday, when visiting the public company Magileudreu, Interfax reports.

Addressing the new administration of the enterprise, the ruler asked: "Are you fine with the decree? Or are there nuances and faults?". "We are fine with it", - the company’s director general answered.

"Will we achieve the main goal: for you to be the boss here, like in the West, and all the workers and specialists to work at their best? Is the decree enough in order to do that?", - Lukashenka asked, receiving a positive answer. He continued with asking: "Has the outflow of the working force stopped? You keep in mind that they (the workers - Interfax) do not have a right to quit without your authorization".

"And if anyone leaves – will be sent back here for compulsory works", - Lukashenka stated.

Lukashenka admitted: "Yes, we are holding the people here by force".

"Why? Because they failed the tasks, caused harm, if you will", - he explained. In this regard he demanded from the administrations and workers of the timber processing enterprises “to strain themselves in the course of this and the following years, do what have not been done here in five years”.