Updated at 11:25,18-04-2018

Andrei Suzdaltsev: Concealing Berezovskiy is challenging Putin


It is still to be proven that the Russian oligarch Boris Berezovskiy illegally lived in Belarus for two years.

A Russian political scientist Andrei Suzdaltsev said that in a comment for charter97.org on Berezovskiys illegally living in Belarus for two years.

"Of course, in the recent years of his life Boris Berezovskiy lead some processes negative for Russia. This, of course, clouded the relations between Russia and Belarus. One must take into account that no one caught Berezovskiy red handed in Minsk. These are largely talks only and there are no one hundred percent proof that he was in Belarus. Someone saw, someone heard, but specific data is necessary", - the expert believes.

He also noted that even Belarusian rulers mentions of the oligarchs stay in Belarus had no ground beneath them.

"These are only Lukashenkas by-the-way talks. How could it be possible that a person, being wanted in Russia, lived on the territory of the Union State? But let Putin confirm this. If they can prove that he actually lived of at least stayed in Minsk, then there will be a reaction. Because this would be a demonstrative challenge and the relations would change not to the best. But it is actually hard to assume anything, since the person is not there anymore. This is a broad topic and a lot is being written on it. Someone says that Lukashenka and Berezovskiy were friends. It is not ruled out. But I would emphasize this one more time, weighty proofs are necessary for confirming this or that information. Because it is a serious matter to charge a ruler of a country with such claims. A one hundred percent confidence is needed for that", - Andrei Suzdaltsev summarized.

We would remind that a political scientist Stanislau Bialkouski claimed that the Russian oligarch Boris Berezovskiy lived in Minsk for two years and cooperated with Lukashenka, who was very interested in Berezovskiys assistance in fighting Moscow and Putin.